Professional mediator for both clients & candidates

  • Confirmation of the assignment
    Cyenno Consultant will provide "Confirmation of the Assignment" prior to undertake the assignment.


  • Identifiying of potential candidates
    cyenno Consultant will submit candidates profile within 3 (three) weeks after receiving the signed "Confirmation of the Assignment".


  • Reporting on the initial findings
    Cyenno Consultant will regulary communicate on the progress of each assignment and develop list of prospective candidates who may appear to match Client's requirements.


  • Discussion of a list of selected candidates with client
    Cyenno Consultant will conduct preliminary interview to ensure the right candidates are properly selected and will at all times communicate and discuss with Client.


  • Preliminary reference check
    Cyenno Consultant will conduct a preliminary reference check during the initial process.


  • Presentation of potential candidates
    Cyenno Consultan will provide a written summary report consisting personal information, employment history, assessment and compensation package of the candidate.


  • Client interview
    Cyenno Consultant will assist Client in arranging the interview with the candidates.


  • Assistance in the offer preparation and negotiation with the final candidate
    Cyenno Consultant will act as a professional mediator for both Client and candidates during the offer preparation and negotiation process.


  • In-depth reference check
    As per Clients requests, Cyenno Consultant will conduct in depth reference check on the final candidate.


  • Cyenno Consultant shall maintain contact with candidates and Client during the transition period for the first three 3 months of employment